Images from Indonesia: My December 2016 Peacemaking Project

Dear Ones,

Thanks MUCH to all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement as I traveled to Indonesia for two weeks this month. I am wiped out due to jet lag and limited sleep, but it is absolutely soul-thrilling to be back in the company of my beautiful Carrie and our three delightful kids. : )

As for the journey around Indonesia, what a ride!!! I had amazing visits with dear friends and made many new friends as well--including meeting with a group of village elders and a surprise visit with the governor of a major province. All along the way, there were stunning opportunities to interact with beautiful people.

My Muslim hosts loved me lavishly at every turn, and I count it a great privilege to call them my dear friends and my partners in the cause of peace. 

Here's a short clip that should give you just a taste of my work and experiences along the way.

Trying to follow Jesus and wage peace,

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Muslim-Christian Peacemaking in Indonesia: A Photo Journal from My December 2016 Project