ISIS, Fear, and Jesus -- A Very Personal Message

I recently visited Indonesia, where some of my hosts were key Muslim leaders who are concerned about ISIS. They fear that their young people are susceptible to being radicalized, and they keep bringing me in to speak as an example of an American Christian who does not hate Muslims (which combats the rhetoric put forth by extremists that all Western Christians hate and want to oppress Muslims). 

Our time together in Indonesia was wonderful and fruitful. Sadly, however, less than 48 hours after my return to the US, ISIS successfully bombed a Starbucks in Jakarta. 

While it appears that the vast majority of Indonesians condemned the attack and strengthened their resolve to love and respect all people, this bombing was a stark reminder of the troubling times in which we live and of the importance of our efforts to promote peace in the way of Jesus.

Just before Christmas, I preached a very personal sermon on "ISIS, Fear, and Jesus." I thought now might be an appropriate time to share this message with you. Thus, I invite you to give it a listen now or to download for later.