What Kind of God Is This?

Have you ever been furiously angry with God? 

I have, quite recently. When our rambunctious three-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and began having to endure 15-20 needle pokes a day, my heart was crushed. And I was truly stunned by the intense anger toward God that welled up in me. 

This past Sunday, I shared from the heart about our family's recent struggles with life and God. I'll warn you that the message is raw and emotional and raises tough, unsettling questions, many of which seem unanswerable.

Here's a link to the sermon (audio only) in it's entirety:
What Kind of God is This?

And here's an excerpt:

The 3am testing and injection are the worst, as Josiah is tired and wants to sleep and screams in a way that cuts me to the core. Afterward, both Carrie and I find ourselves laying somberly, wide-awake in bed for several hours. I don't know what goes through her mind during those dark hours, but I can tell you that in my mind I am hurling at God some of the harshest, R-rated, anger-driven insults that I know.

This admission may surprise some of you. My hope is that it will be liberating to you. As I study the Scriptures and try to follow Jesus, I find a Creator God who seems to place extremely high value on honesty of the heart. Jacob wrestled with God, David bounced to and fro between anger at God and worship of Him, and even Jesus accused God of forsaking him. In my opinion, "fake it 'till you make it" is one of the most hideous messages ever delivered from a pulpit. In contrast, I find that the message of the God of the Bible is this: "Be transparent, authentic, and honest about your innermost thoughts and feelings, and let me meet you there and love on you and heal you. I am plenty big enough to handle your complaints and your wounds and even your anger."