Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Terror and My Muslim Brother

A Turk living in New Delhi, Mahfuz is a faith-oriented, humanitarian-minded businessman. We met in India a couple of years ago when a mutual friend introduced us.

With that introduction, Mahfuz invited me to have lunch (Domino's Pizza--New Delhi style!) with him in his office, the CEO suite of his educational coaching enterprise. We connected deeply for two hours on matters of the heart. And Mahfuz' warmth and generosity moved me--not only did he feed me and give me his valuable time, but he also insisted that I take as souvenirs a number of the trinkets adorning his office! Since that first meeting, Mahfuz and I have kept in touch. 

So, Mahfuz is an entrepreneur. And a humanitarian. And a Muslim. And my friend and brother.  

This week, in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon, Mahfuz sent me a heart-felt note of sympathy. As English is perhaps his fourth language, I have taken the liberty of making a few minor edits so that meaning is not lost in translation. Nonetheless, all the thoughts and most of the words below are his. 

With that, my fellow Americans and my fellow humans, I invite you to read this note from my Turkish Muslim brother in New Delhi and be heartened, as I was:

Brother Thomas, 

We are deeply saddened by the Boston Marathon bombing. Please convey all our condolences to all victims and US citizens and your brothers and sisters there. 

Who is doing those things? What is the profit after the killing of children and humanity? Really, I cannot understand--all I know is that we are crying over the images [from Boston]. How can someone kill others? Terrorists are feral, and they do not have any religion and faith. We hate their acts. 

May God save all of us from terror and terrorist mentalities and terror activities.  Ameen.

Again, please accept my sadness and condolences. I really want to convey my sadness and condolence to all of you, Brother Thomas.

Mehmet Mahfuz Kiraz
Fountain International Coaching Institute