Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jesus Condemns Racism, Islamaphobia, Sexism and Homophobia?

An excellent commentary on Jesus and the Good Samaritan. With one simple illustration, Jesus summarily condemns racism, Islamaphobia, sexism, homophobia and every other de-humanizing rationale we use to convince ourselves that we are not responsible for loving and caring for people, especially people who are different than us. 

Stephen Sizer lays it out in under two minutes:

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  1. excellent insight!
    funny...I knocked some old file off my bookshelf yesterday, and put it all back up, except for one sticky note I accidentally left out. I read it earlier today. It was a question I wrote some years ago. Here was the question, "Are we supposed to treat others the way we'd treat Jesus?" Upon reading it, I really didn't take the time to reflect on the answer. Not until I listened to this video. Thank you!