Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Muslim Child Melts a Heart

I serve with Peace Catalyst International, a network of Jesus followers focused on promoting peace between Muslims, Christians, and others in the way of Jesus. Jeff Burns is my friend and mentor and is a fellow member of PCI's leadership team. For the last six years, Jeff and his wife Sheila have labored in Raleigh to lay the foundation for the significant peacemaking work that exists today in North Carolina's capital city.

Jeff Burns breaking the fast with Fiaz, a dear Muslim friend

A veteran pastor in the Raleigh area, Jeff admits that he once hated Muslims. Now, he loves them. Jeff has a remarkable story of how God used a young Muslim boy named Omar to change his heart and his life. The Interfaith Youth Core, an organization founded by Muslim humanitarian Eboo Patel, asked Jeff to chronicle his story for them. That article is linked below, and I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to read about Jeff's amazing encounter with Omar.

Link: Walking With Muslims by Jeff Burns