Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peacemaking in the Way Of Jesus (Part 3 of 5): Josh Daneshforooz and Loving Our Religious Neighbors

In an attempt to honor the contribution Dr. Martin Luther King has made to the cause of peace, I intend to craft a blog entry each day of this work week highlighting some person or group who is heroically promoting peace in the way of Jesus. Today, I focus the spotlight on Josh Daneshforooz, a Harvard Teaching Fellow who is inspiring religious neighbors to labor together for peace.

When I met Josh Daneshforooz last week and learned about his work, three things immediately stood out to me. One, he's obviously very bright. Two, he looks very young. And three, he has exercised God-inspired genius in creating a simple, effective model for peacemaking in the way of Jesus that almost anyone can emulate.

Josh grew up in Las Vegas as the son of an Iranian, Muslim father and an American, Christian mother, and he understands religious diversity and multiculturalism better than most. As Josh states on his website, his background and experiences led him to "a passion for enabling people from different faith traditions to learn about one another and to serve together, not as an attempt to water down his Christian faith but to put it into practice as a peacemaker."

As a way of living out this passion, Josh created Loving Our Religious Neighbors (LORN), an organization focused on uniting "people from different religious traditions to engage in dialogue of the hands (service), the heart (testimonies), and the head (theology)."

Here's a clip from the LORN website in which two articulate young ladies, one Christian and one Muslim, describe how LORN has impacted them:

I would love to see the LORN concept catch on all over the US and around the world. If you're interested in making something happen in your area, you'll find more information at Let's join Josh Daneshforooz in heroically promoting peace in the way of Jesus!

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